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I’ve always been one of those people that would wonder what had ever happened to some individual I had become interested in that I’d read about, seen on TV or after watching an old movie. Way back when, it wasn’t so easy to find out the answer. Thanks to the internet though, it’s now possible (in many cases) to quench that thirst for the answers. 

A couple of years ago I began what started out as a quest for an answer to the “whatever happened to” question about one person (Ella Harper) and it turned into an obsession. I had decided to write a research blog about my journey to unravel her life.

This ended up getting me hooked on researching the sideshow people, and then people from other walks of life. It finally dawned on me that I needed a single page to go to for links to all of my research blogs, a sort of one-stop shop, if you will. So here we are. 

Keep in mind that how good each blog is depends on the information that was available. Consequently, some will be better than others. Also, another goal of these blogs is to separate fact from fiction. 

The links are to the right unless you’re on a mobile, in which case they are below. Hope you enjoy your visit here and feel free to share this page or any of the blogs….

Also don’t forget to check out my friends’ blogs. One final note: I’ve never been a big fan of those Coat of Arms type of companies out there but I did find one (COADB.Com) that is both educational and honest about family heraldry. It is the lone exception I have permitted to be linked to on my site. In fact, this genealogy blogger does a great job explaining why she too likes this one:  Binding Generations

Please Note: As of 30 April 2018, I have removed the second blog (Ruth) from availability.

19 Dec 2016:  I am currently researching my next two blogs. One of them will be my first husband/wife blog and the other will be on the  actor Seymour “Cy” Schindel. 

5 Jan 2017:  Just put my husband/wife blog online. It is on the clown duo of Felix and Amelia Adler. You’ll find it in the links on this page. 

12 Jan 2017:  I’m going to have to postpone my blog on Seymour Schindel. I was recently contacted by family members of Mimi Garneau (the Sword Swallower) who had read my blog on her. Between my digging more into her tree for them and information they’ve been providing I will need to do a rewrite. It would be too much information to just do a bunch of updates so I will rewrite parts of the blog to keep it more coherent. 

8 Feb 2017:  Hoping to take this weekend and update my Marjorie Beebe and Mimi Garneau blogs. I’ve also decided not to do Cy Schindel after all. He’ll still be included in Marjorie Beebe’s update though. Recently I pursued two candidates that just didn’t work out but I finally found one that I am almost finished researching and hope to post in the next couple of weeks. This will be on the almost unknown gun-maker from the American Civil War known in firearm circles as “C. Chapman”.  

11 Feb 2017:  Finished the re-write on Marjorie Beebe’s blog. Mimi Garneau’s is next.

12 Feb 2017:  Finished the re-write on Mimi Garneau’s blog.

18 Feb 2017:  Just posted the newest blog, on C. Chapman, the Confederate arms maker.

21 Feb 2017:  Updated the research blog links so that they better reflect who each one is. Thanks to my brother Bobby for that recommendation. Also, if you hover your cursor over the name it will give you what category they fall under.

25 Feb 2017:  Have posted some updates to the C. Chapman blog during the last few days.

28 Feb 2017:  Posted the latest blog, on Mary C Dolencie – The Curse

11 Mar 2017:  Posted my latest blog, on Laura G Slocum – The Cougar

24 Mar 2017:  Last couple of research attempts haven’t panned out for one reason or another. The problem now is that I won’t be doing anymore for a while. My wife and I are beginning to prepare for a big move to another state. My time will be spent preparing the house for sale. I’ll get back to it when I can.

12 Apr 2017:  Posted an update to Ella Harper’s blog.

8 May 2017:  Posted another update to Ella Harper’s blog.

14 Jun 2017:  Still working on our move. We’ve changed our destination from New Mexico to Colorado and we should be there sometime in July or August. Meanwhile, I’ve slowly been researching three people, as time permits. These are the actors Dooley Wilson (the piano player in Casablanca), Frank Shannon (from the Flash Gordon serials) and Lillian Randolph (the maid in It’s A Wonderful Life). 

23 Jun 2017:  Posted update to Otto Lederer’s blog.

29 Jul 2017:  Posted my latest blog, on the actress Lillian Randolph.

23 Sep 2017:  Posted latest blog, on Actress/Screenwriter Isabel Dawn.

15 Oct 2017:  Posted update to Priscilla Lawson’s blog. It was enough new material that I’ll need to go back and do a little re-write later.

16 Oct 2017:  Posted update to Mary C Dolencie’s blog.

19 Oct 2017:  Posted update to Sam Buffington’s blog.

23 Oct 2017:  Posted latest blog, The Dishonored Dead

27 Oct 2017:  Posted latest blog, actress Anna Laughlin.

20 Dec 2017:  Posted latest blog, forgotten veteran Glenn M Shelton.

27 Dec 2017:  Posted latest blog, actress Jewel Carmen

 6 Jan 2018:   Posted latest blog, actress/singer Nora Bayes

18 Jan 2018:  Posted update to Martin Emmerling’s blog.

20 Jan 2018:  Posted another update to Martin Emmerling’s blog.

21 Jan 2018:  Posted another update to Martin Emmerling’s blog.

7 Feb 2018:  Posted latest (and maybe my last) blog, on famed aviator Edwin C Musick.

5 Mar 2018:  Posted latest blog, on actors Harrison Ford and his wife, Beatrice Prentice. 

24 Mar 2018:  Posted latest blog, on silent film actress Marvel Rea.

1 Apr 2018:  Posted update to Nora Bayes’ blog.

20 Jun 2018:  Posted update to James Baskett’s blog.

21 Sep 2018:  After moving to New Mexico and taking a much-needed break from researching I’m finally looking into my next possible candidate. This one was recommended by my friend, Jeanette. You met her in my first blog (Ella Harper). The guy she turned me onto is Andy Varipapa, the once-famous trick bowler. If it works out I should have his blog done in the next few weeks. Also, I posted an update to Sam Buffington’s blog today.

2 Oct 2018:  Well, it appears that the Varipapa blog isn’t going to happen but I have begun my next one. This one will be on Edith Langerfeld, the exotic dancer known as The Sylphe.

19 Oct 2018:  Posted latest blog, on exotic dancer Edith Langerfeld.

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