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Update 26 Sep 2021: Just posted a blog on Lock Martin, the guy that played the large robot, Gort, in the 1951 movie The Day The Earth Stood Still.  

I’ve always been one of those people that would wonder what had ever happened to some individual I had become interested in that I’d read about, seen on TV or after watching an old movie. Way back when, it wasn’t so easy to find out the answer. Thanks to the internet though, it’s now possible (in many cases) to quench that thirst for the answers. 

A couple of years ago I began what started out as a quest for an answer to the “whatever happened to” question about one person (Ella Harper) and it turned into an obsession. I had decided to write a research blog about my journey to unravel her life.

This ended up getting me hooked on researching the sideshow people, and then people from other walks of life. It finally dawned on me that I needed a single page to go to for links to all of my research blogs, a sort of one-stop shop, if you will. So here we are. 

Keep in mind that how good each blog is depends on the information that was available. Consequently, some will be better than others. Also, another goal of these blogs is to separate fact from fiction. 

The links are to the right unless you’re on a mobile, in which case they are below. Hope you enjoy your visit here and feel free to share this page or any of the blogs….

Also don’t forget to check out my friends’ blogs. One final note: I’ve never been a big fan of those Coat of Arms type of companies out there but I did find one (COADB.Com) that is both educational and honest about family heraldry. It is the lone exception I have permitted to be linked to on my site. In fact, this genealogy blogger does a great job explaining why she too likes this one:  Binding Generations

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